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The Developer's Log Intro

By: Matthew


When you first start building a game engine, there is a ton of work for the programmer(s) to do. Conversely, there is far less work for the artist(s) the beginning.


As the project goes on and the engine gets closer to feature complete (and bugs get worked out), the pressure shifts to the artist(s) and the job of the programmer(s) is less.


I am at that phase now with the Fate of Persephone engine (VNgine 2020) and I find I have downtime. I teach courses at University and a local CC as well but I am in between semesters which makes for a lot of time to do whatever I wish.


I decided to build a basic website for the game (and company as a whole) and save some money from outsourcing. I went down a rabbit hole and decided to build a blogging system from scratch instead of using something like Wordpress. Wordpress is nice but I wanted something custom.


I also like learning new things in software development (and web programming was admittedly a weakness of mine) so I decided to build this from scratch.


I will be posting thoughts and milestones in the design of Fate of Persephone (and any future projects) here.


Anyone is welcome to reply and you do not have to register. Just give a screen name and a message. I do not believe much in censorship but do consider laws, courtesy, and that minors may be visiting too. I reserve the right to remove replies that are not in line with the above considerations. Criticism, however, is welcome and appreciated provided it follows the courtesy above. Have a great day and good luck on any projects you may have as well!






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